For the Resident Evil 2 remake location, see Nap Room.

Sleeping quarters A is an area of the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. This room is featured in the game Resident Evil 2


This room is composed of multiple desks and various beds around the room. A vent with living vines and a corpse can be found. An infinite supply of blue herbs can also be found here.


The player may enter this room to obtain the Flamethrower item which is useful for defeating the Plant 43 enemies.


Location Localization Original script
The monitor (Scenario A) The console says: Anti-B.O.W. gas sprinkler. Will you turn on the switch? Yes/No

(Yes) "Anti-B.O.W gas sprinkling in progress."

The monitor (Scenario B) "Anti-B.O.W. gas sprinkling completed."
Bed A researcher's bed.
Blue herbs There are Blue Herbs growing here. Will you use them? Yes/No
The corpse A researcher's corpse. It looks like he poured oil all over the place...




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