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Sliding Worms (スライディングワーム suraidingu-wāmu?) are the parasitic offspring produced by Grave Diggers. They were encountered by survivors during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[1]


The Grave Digger reproduces by laying eggs in the sewers and inside the ground, often in bunches of a hundred. Under these infected conditions, these eggs soon hatch, often in 2 hours, and the resulting creature is known as the Sliding Worm.[2]

These larvae are another kind of irregular mutant, usually growing to about 1 meter in length, and possess sharp fangs, and an elastic, flexible body. These creatures thrive on blood, and when they spot prey, they will leap towards it with amazing jumping power, and suck blood from it like a leech, sometimes as much as one litre.[2]

After being born, they will shed their skin many times in the course of their development. In the span of one week, they will be a fully formed Gravedigger.[2]




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