"A key with a mummified snake wrapped around it."
— Inventory description

Snake Key (ヘビのカギ hebi no kagi?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Main game

The Snake Key opens the doors to Kid's Room and the Master bedroom in the Main House which will lead the player to the Keycard (Blue) and the Keycard (Red) respectively.


The Snake Key opens the door beneath the bed in the Master Bedroom which will lead to the end of the scenario.


Main game

The Snake Key is retrieved from inside the Deputy's body in the Dissection Room of the Processing Area.

In both the Japanese versions of the main game, the Snake Key is instead found in close proximity to David Anderson's corpse, which is also depicted as being fully intact.


The key is found in a birdcage in the Storage room, requiring the use of a shadow puzzle to open the lock.



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