"MR7 This is an American bolt action rifle. You can snipe a distant enemy with its scope."
— Item examination - English
— Item examination - Japanese

The Sniper Rifle (スナイパーライフル sunaipāraifuru?) is a seven shot bolt-action weapon. It is identified as an MR7. Alfred Ashford wields this firearm throughout the Resident Evil CODE:Veronica as his weapon of choice for attempting to kill Claire and Steve. He is often seen firing this weapon without utilizing the scope, instead using the gun's attached laser sight.

The Sniper Rifle also appears in the Game of Oblivion scenario of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles used by Alfred to attack the player. It is not usable by the player though.


Alfred will fire at the player during gameplay during only the encounter with him Assembly Plaza where he will use the laser sight letting players know where he is aiming.

Claire Redfield can obtain the weapon from Alfred once drops it and falls down in the chasm in the Mining room. It takes up two inventory spaces, only has 7 rounds loaded and no spare ammunition can be found. The player will only get to use it during the immediately proceeding encounter with Nosferatu as it will disappear from Claire's inventory after the fight. Unlike other weapons, when the weapon is aimed the view turns into first person through the scope and the player is free to aim. The player can also zoom in while aiming.

If the player uses the Sniper Rifle to fight Nosferatu, the cutscene of Nosferatu's death will be different depending upon the number of shots taken. Getting the crosshairs directly lined up with the heart on the first shot will kill it instantly. Using it on the second or later shot will trigger a slightly different cutscene, and killing it by aiming for other parts of the body (or by using any other weapon) will trigger another cutscene.

In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, there are a few gameplay encounters with Alfred where he will use the rifle and the player must dodge via quick time event.

Further notes

  • Originally, this weapon would have extra ammo since it is still on the game files.
  • The Sniper Rifle can be used outside of the fight with Nosferatu by using a gameshark or similar device to spawn it in the item box. It's able to deliver headshots on Zombies with ease. It is also not recommended to use it on anything faster than a zombie (such as Hunters and Sweepers) due to the greater likelihood of it missing and because it is harder to hit charging enemies.




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