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The Soldats were mutant humans resulting from the infestation with the Cadou parasite and mechanical modifications. Their name is derived from the German word "Soldat", which means "Soldier".


Some time after Karl Heisenberg was bestowed his factory, he started experimenting with human corpses to build an army of mechanically-modified mutants, intending to one day use them to overthrow Miranda.

Using Lycans to test their combat capabilities, Heisenberg continued to modify his Soldat designs, developing increasingly advanced models to achieve the desired performance.

The Soldat production has been ceased after Chris Redfield destroyed the entire facility and Ethan Winters killed Heisenberg himself.


Soldats are mutated humans experimented on by replacing their heart with a Cadou parasite. Their muscles are stimulated with electricity, however they are nearly completely brain dead; as such, their only instinct is to destroy. Their craniums are outfitted with cybernetic headgear in order to stabilize their neural activity, allowing them to follow the most basic of commands; the ones with unstable physical condition are fitted with breathing apparatus to ensure they have sufficient oxygen supplied to their body. The rest of their body is equipped with other machinery to improve their combat capabilities.

Most Soldats use arm-mounted drills to impale, bludgeon, and shred their enemies. Their main weakness is the red-glowing exhaust port on their chest, used to vent heat from their Cadou reactor. Unlike the other mutants infected by the Cadou, Soldats don't calcify but instead implode due to their reactor.

There are several variants of Soldat encountered throughout the factory:

  • Soldat Eins: The basic Soldat variant, with the left arm replaced by a drill. Its name "Eins" means "one" in German, referring to its single drill arm.
  • Soldat Zwei: An upgraded Soldat Eins with both arms replaced by drills. Reactor vent has also been moved to the back. Its name "Zwei" means "two" in German, referring to its double drill arms.
  • Soldat Jet: An elite Soldat with a jet pack allowing it to make swift, lethal charges. Its head armor contains a laser sight to help it line up its dash attack; however, this can also give alert players warning to get out of the way.
  • Soldat Panzer: A large Soldat with three drills on each arm and its entire body encased in heavy metal armor. Its name "Panzer" comes from the German word for "armor" or "tank", referring to its durable armored body.
  • Sturm: A unique Soldat prototype with a massive, bladed propeller mounted on its torso. Its name "Sturm" means "storm" in German.


All Soldats (except for the Sturm) use their arm-mounted drills to attack. Their weak point is the glowing Cadou reactor in their chest which briefly stuns them with a hit by a powerful firearm such as the W870 TAC. They will often attempt to shield their weak point with their drill arms, but shooting them in the head can destroy their control units, causing them to leave themselves open at the cost of increasing their aggression. The Soldat Panzer does not have an exposed reactor because of their heavy armor, and therefore the armor must be knocked off before the reactor is revealed.