"Soldier Zombie" is a figurine manufactured by Palisades as part of their first series of Resident Evil figures.[1] There is a rare Camouflage variant that could only be obtained from Wizard World 2001.

Secure file

As with the other Palisades Resident Evil products, the back of the box has a "secure file" detailing the character. These blurbs are not part of Capcom's canon and may be speculative or take information from other sources such as the WildStorm comics or the S.D. Perry novels.

Subject: Soldier Zombie
Weapons: Colt M1911
Special Attacks: None
Height: Various
Weight: Various
Age: Various

Description: Ruthless T-Virus infected soldiers of the Umbrella testing facility and militant training base located on Rockfort Island. Although armed, it relies totally on its instinct and enhanced strength in its quest for human flesh. Not considered a huge threat when encountered alone, but in groups these creatures can be formidible. Beware Zombie Dog packs that often accompany these monsters!


Soldier Zombie

The figure stands approximately 6 inches tall and features articulation throughout the body. Wrists, ankles and elbows all rotate. The waist also has some articulation but it is heavily limited due to the figure's large belt to the point of almost not counting as articulation. As with most Palisades humanoid figures, the head can be twisted 360 degrees and swivelled up, down, or to either side. The figure comes with a stand and a Colt M1911. While the figure cannot hold the gun itself, most human characters from the line, with the exception of Albert Wesker, can hold it. The figure can however have the Colt M1911 stored in a holster on its right hip eliminating the need to store it separately from the figure when not in use.

Zombie Dog

The Zombie Dog figure is completely static and features no articulation. However, as with most Palisades figures, the sculpt is highly detailed.




Black Zombie Dog

Brown Zombie Dog

Further Notes

  • Only about 500 of the Camouflage variant were produced.
  • The Zombie Dog that comes with the camouflage variant is actually loosely based upon the German Shepard Zombie Dogs from Resident Evil 1.5.
  • The Soldier Zombie itself is actually completely original as far as CODE:Veronica goes. The design was clearly inspired by the Prisoner Zombies on Rockfort Island as indicated by the card back using the concept art for them.


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