Soldier of Fortune is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6. In the original Japanese script, it is simply titled "Mercenaries". As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


Jake Muller spent most of his teenage years as a mercenary, fighting on the front lines of countless conflicts the world over.

The first group of mercenaries he joined taught him everything he needed to know about armed and unarmed combat. His trainer was strict and demanding, but treated him almost like a son, and Jake found himself able to feel a sense of attachment to him, something he had only previously felt for his mother. Unfortunately, that mercenary was actually a double agent who sold out the whole unit.

After being betrayed by his father figure, Jake put his faith in the only person who had never let him down—himself. Any compassion in his heart was lost, and he drifted from war to war as a soldier of fortune.

Jake was 17 at the time. He and only one other person on the team survived the incident. Below is a testimony made by that other survivor.
Yeah, I remember it.

About three years ago, we were in South America and our so-called captain was in bed with the enemy. We were surrounded before we knew it. We tried to fight, but there was just too many of 'em, so we started droppin' like flies, one by one till it was just Jake and me.

They put away their guns—tryin' to save ammo I guess—and came at Jake with knives. He was out of bullets, but he still stood his ground. Helluva thing to see; I couldn't believe how strong and intense he was. But reinforcements came eventually and saved us at the last minute. The kid put up a good fight, but he was a mess because of the whole thing.

He don't trust no one since then. I guess he really thought highly of that traitor.











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