Someone tried to kill me is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.


Claire Redfield: "What happened? You're bleeding!"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "I-I ran into this woman who was in trouble... Her name's Ada. Right after that, someone tried to kill me. Nearly succeeded, too. Ada went after the sniper, but I-I'm worried about her. You gotta find her before s... before something happens."

Claire: "But you've been shot!"

Leon: "I'll be okay. It's Ada I'm worried about."

Claire Redfield:「このケガは・・・ 一体どうしたの?」

Leon Scott Kennedy:「一人の女性と一緒だった・・・ エイダという名だ ここで急に何者かに襲われ― 銃で撃たれた エイダはそいつを追った行ったが彼女一人では・・・ 行ってくれ 彼女が心配だ」

Claire:「でも ケガの手当てを」

Leon:「俺はいい それよりエイダを・・・」


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