Prime universe
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Zanahoria Island

Sonido de Tortuga Island (Spanish: lit. Sound of Turtle) was an island off the South American coast which was the site of a biohazard.[1] It neighboured Zanahoria Island.


In the 1930s the United States built a military base on the island. By the 1990s it had been long abandoned and in a ruined state. It was then purchased by Umbrella to be converted into a laboratory. Oswell E. Spencer personally visited the island during the purchase.[2][excerpt 1]


A Japanese television program watched globally, "Idol Survival" (アイドル・サバイバル?), was filmed on this island, using Gravure idols as 'bathing beauties'. At around the same time, TerraSave launched an investigation led by Claire Redfield to find out what was 'wrong' with the island.

It was revealed that this was the location of Alex Wesker's experiments on immortality ordered by Oswell E. Spencer. In her next facility in Sejm Island, a screen could be seen with a map focusing on the South Atlantic.[3]



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