The Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident (tentative) was a biological disaster in Sonido de Tortuga Island involving the Japanese-American reality show Idol Survival along with the islanders and the agents TerraSave, Inéz Diaco and Claire Redfield.


An Umbrella laboratory was constructed on Sonido de Tortuga in the 1990s with Dr. Alex Wesker as its chief researcher, tasked with the creation of an immortality virus to keep Umbrella's CEO, Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, alive. Dr. Wesker abandoned the island several years later to conduct t-Phobos Virus research on Sejm Island. At some point after Dr. Spencer's death, a group of Dr. Wesker's loyal followers led by Dr. Dirk Miller returned, and conducted the Kodoku Plan, whereupon a number of island natives were kidnapped over the years and experimented upon, with the resulting mutants forced to fight. Each victor had the virus extracted from them in the expectations the slight mutations in the RNA virus between each individual would create one with superior abilities. The scientists also began killing one another, until only Dr. Miller remained as the sole possessor of the final B.O.W. and, ultimately, the virus within.


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