Soronal Reunion is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is known less poetically in the Japanese version as the "sister reunion" (姉妹の再会 Shimai no saikai?). It is played during Leon Chapter 2.


As the two agents proceeds, they found Deborah Harper, sister of Helena Harper. Helena was happy to reunite with her sister, but Leon confused and need know what is going on. But Helena need to get her out of here and the she tell everything about it as she promise and Leon agrees.


Helena: "Deborah! Deborah! Can you hear me!"
Deborah: "Helena...?"
Helena: "Thank goodness!"
Leon: "OK, enough with the mystery. What the hell is going on here?"
Helena: "Let's just get her out of here, then I'll tell you everything. I promise."

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