The South Passage is an area of the Courtyard B1.


The South Passage appears to be leading toward a dead-end. The passage are brighten up by a lantern throughout the place.


Enrico room (5).jpg

In both of the original 1996 and 2002 Resident Evil, Enrico Marini can be

Enrico aiming his gun

seen lying in the sanctuary of the tunnels, Alpha team marksman Chris Redfield found him. Raising his gun to a surprised Chris, he did not see Wesker; the actual traitor, sneaked around from behind the corner, and was fatally shot. His last word: "", gave Chris a hint as to who was behind all the trouble at the Spencer Mansion.

In the 1996 Resident Evil, the Hexagonal Crank can be obtained after being dropped presumably by Wesker on the midway of the passage. Shortly after player approach it, one hunter will appear.

In the 2002 Remake, the Hexagonal Crank can be obtained immediately  after examine Enrico body. When player about to leave the South Passage, one hunter will appear.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Checking Enrico body He couldn't have moved because of this injury...

He's holding something.

Resident Evil (2002)
Checking Enrico body Enrico is dead. What could he have known?





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