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The South Raccoon Street Station was a subway station located underneath South Raccoon Street, a major road in Raccoon City.


While it is not certain when South Raccoon Street station was opened, it is known that the Kite Bros. Railway was opened to the public in April 1969 and went through expansion over the following twenty years.[1] The station was built beneath the busy South Raccoon Street, with a large size to accommodate the anticipated traffic during Raccoon City's economic boom in the 1980s, and was also the site of one of the subway's ventilation shafts. In the early 1990s Raccoon City fell into an economic slump, and the station became underused, often operating with gates locked out due to a lack of need.

By the late 1990s, the subway had begun to show clear signs of infrastructure failure owing to poor maintenance. In one instance a train was forced to make an emergency stop due to debris falling onto the tracks from the crumbling tunnels.[2] By September 1998 a series of power-outages were being reported, leaving parts of the station and employee-only areas in darkness.[3] The station's water pipes were also damaged, flooding the pump room and knocking out the fire suppressant system; immediate repair was not assigned, and it was kept on hold for a later date.[4]

In early September, the subway became the territory of the Mega Bites, a species of mutant fleas which had become infected by a novel t-Virus strain.[3] When the city street fell into general chaos, refugees hiding in the station fell prey to the creatures, one being dragged into an air vent, while an incapacitated subway worker was attacked and killed in a restroom stall. As the tunnels' deterioration continued, a runaway subway train was derailed and caused a large fire, forcing a group of refugees to perform urgent repairs in the pump room.[5]


South Raccoon Street Station was located directly beneath South Raccoon Street, and could be accessed via four stairwells on the sidewalk. Subway passengers entering the station would descend a flight of stairs to the ticket gate, and from there to the concourse where access to platforms 1 and 2 could be reached as well as restrooms. The plan for the east and west side were identical in this respect. Between the two concourses was an employee access corridor where monitors and equipment were housed, and from there access could be made to the lower levels towards the ventilation shaft.

The platform level consisted of two tracks on an east-bound and west-bound route and, therefore, an express service would not have been able to bypass busy stations. Platform 1 trains were scheduled to depart from South Raccoon Street to Warren Stadium, Rhodes Hill, Old Court and New Lock Square.


Further notes[]

  • The station is featured in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, where it is explored by Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, and encounter Zombies, Zombie dogs, Hunters, Lickers and swarms of cockroaches.


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