"A picture of a hawk is carved on it. It's made of newly-developed alloy, TG-01."
— Item examination - English
— Item examination - Japanese

The Special Alloy Emblem (特殊合金エンブレム tokushu gōkin enburemu?) is an event item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It is a copy of the Hawk Emblem made from TG-01, an experimental substance which does not reacts to metal detectors.


The emblem is needed to open the gate to the iron bridge from the Rockfort Island Prison to the Training Facility and Palace.


This emblem can be created by duplicating the Hawk emblem using a machine. First, the Hawk emblem is needed to placed on the 3D scanner machine.

After the scanning is complete, placed the TG-01 on the duplicator and wait for it to form an alloy emblem. Once the duplication is completed, this special alloy emblem will be added to the player inventory.



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