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"Heh, forget your makeup or something?"
— Glasses Cop to Leon

Two "Spanish cops" aided Leon S. Kennedy in his investigation of the country. Their names are unknown, with the Capcom-Famitsu biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho guide instead referring to them as "Glasses Cop" (メガネ警官 Megane keikan?) and "Beard Cop" (ヒゲ警官 Hige keikan?), respectively.[1]

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, the 'beard cop' is named as Mario Fernández Castaño (or "Veteran Officer")[2], while the 'glasses cop' is simply referred to as "Newbie Officer."[3]


The two Policia were ordered to act as a backup for US Federal Agent Leon S. Kennedy when he was sent to Spain in search of Ashley Graham, the President's daughter. The two mocked Leon and didn't seem to take him seriously, however, despite this, Leon still had faith in the two.

When Leon killed the first Ganado, a village truck rammed into the cruiser, sending it plummeting into the nearby ravine. The two officers were presumably killed in the fall, and were then recovered by the locals. The "Beard Cop" (Mario Fernández Castaño in Remake) was found dead in the village centre, impaled on a spike in a bonfire. The "Glasses Cop" was taken to the Lake and fed to Del Lago, while Leon watched from a nearby cliff edge.


Both wore standard police uniforms, with the exception that the "Glasses Cop" wore a pink undershirt while the "Beard Cop" wore a white one. Their "names" indicate their facial description - one is clean shaven and wears glasses, while the other has a beard.


Further notes[]

  • The official name of this police force is unknown, however their uniform resembles the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía.
  • It is impossible to shoot at the officers. Attempting to do so, Leon will not fire and the officer will tell him to do his job.
  • The player can hear the officers shouting and shooting at the truck, indicating that they were attempting to stop it from ramming them.



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