For the 1998 version, see Spark Shot.

The Spark Shot (スパークショット?) is a stun gun that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


It is found on a wall at the Supplies Storage Room in the Sewers (Lower), it requires the King Plug and it can only be found as Claire.


"A high-voltage gun for use on test animals. Charging takes a while and the needles' wires snap easily, but it also really packs a punch."
— Inventory description
"ニードルカートリッジから電極を射出し 電流を流し込む実験動物撃退用高電圧銃。 蓄電時間が長く、ワイヤーも切れやすいが 生物に対しての効果は絶大。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Spark Shot is a stun gun that excels at dealing high damage to enemies with a drawback of having to charge each shot. By default, one zap to a low tier enemy will stun them in place, which allows the player to run past them if necessary. This weapon is also very strong versus G-Adults, if their eyeballs are exposed, only one fully charge shot will instantly kill them no matter the difficulty level.

Ammo for it is quite scarce in the game, with Needle Cartridges only being found in select locations. In fact, only one ammo spawn can be found in the entire Police Station. There is only one upgrade for it, being the High Voltage Condenser found at the Nap Room at the Laboratory, which makes the weapon shoot faster.

Aside from the G-Adults, the Spark Shot is also good against G (Stage 4) fought at the Turntable, due to his slow movement, and the fact that the player can take cover around the train, it is quite easy to fire fully charged shots at this enemy.

In The Tofu Survivor, the Spark Shot is one of Flan's weapons, unlike the main game, Flan has access to an abundance of ammo (200 total) by default, making it possible for her to kill perhaps every enemy with the Spark Shot alone. Additionally, this is the only time where the Spark Shot can be used against the Tyrant, which shows it is also effective against him. One zap to the body will stun the Tyrant for a brief period, which allows the player to align a shot on his head, a fully-charged shot on his head puts him on his knees instantly, and during the whole charging process, the Tyrant is completely stun locked.

While controlling Robert Kendo, the player can find the Spark Shot inside a backpack while playing The Ghost Survivors mode.


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