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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)
SpecOps logo

The organization's logo.

The SPEC OPS FIELD UNIT is a Special Forces unit of the United States Army, under the direct control of the U.S. Federal Government. These troops were sent into Raccoon City during the infamous t-virus outbreak and were given three mission objectives:

  1. The rescue of individuals deemed important;
  2. The collection of evidence instigating Umbrella's involvement in the outbreak;
  3. The annihilation of Umbrella Security Service forces upon sight.[1]



Headwear: Tan Balaclava, Woodland BDU Cap (with facepaint), Black High Speed Tactical Helmet(with sunglasses)

Eyewear: Ballistic Goggles, Sunglasses

Uniform: Desert Camo BDUs

Ballistic Gear: Tan Plate Carrier

Gloves: Black Fingerless/Fullfinger Gloves

Kneepads: Black Tactical Kneepads

Footwear: Black Jungle Boots

(Spec Ops seen in Campaign wear these items except Echo Six. Echo Six has their own uniforms of their choice with the excepetion that most of them wear tan clothes).

Further notes[]

  • Those who purchased the Special edition of the game received an embroidered Spec Ops patch.
  • Echo Six is an elite, six-person team of Spec Ops troops tasked with rescuing civilians. They were introduced in the Triple Impact trailer, and shown fighting Wolfpack.