"There must be an unopened locker somewhere."
— Item examination - English
"どこかに開かないロッカーがあるはずだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Special Key (スペシャルキー supesharu-kī?)/Locker Key (ロッカーのカギ rokkā no kagi?)/ is a key item in Resident Evil 2.


The locker which the Special Key unlocked.

The key is used to open the alternative costume's locker in the Dark Room inside the police station.


This item can only be obtained in the Normal or Hard Modes, from the corpse of Brad Vickers. When playing Scenario A, if the player reaches the Raccoon Police Station without getting any items, zombie Brad Vickers will appear in the tunnel bellow the front entrance. Once this is done, he will also appear in the same location on Scenario B of the same save file.

Being a special zombie, Brad is very tough. Before fighting him, either get more ammo in the main hall or come back later with a stronger weapon.



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