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S.R.T. logo.

The Special Response Team (S.R.T. for short), was a S.W.A.T.-styled police special forces team unique to the city of Harvardville.[1][excerpt 1]


Seven years after the Raccoon City incident, the t-Virus was released in Harvardville airport. After most of the airport was infected, and an airliner crashed into the terminal, the whole airport was quarantined and locked down.

A number of S.R.T. members were deployed to the Harvardville Airport in an attempt to stop an outbreak of the t-Virus and to rescue the remaining survivors of the outbreak.

Degeneration - Leon and the SRT unit

SRT officers including Greg, Angela, and Leon

Two members, Angela Miller and Greg Glenn, were sent inside the airport with US agent Leon S. Kennedy, where they attempted to evacuate survivors, including Claire Redfield, and Senator Ron Davis. The small team infiltrated by helicopter onto the roof of the terminal to avoid direct contact with the zombies for as long as possible. After locating the survivors, the team proceeded to the lobby, where they tried to make a break for the exit. Although Greg became infected, the rest of the survivors were successfully extricated from the airport terminal. After Leon and Angela, as well as Ron Davis, Claire and Chawla left the terminal, the military entered the terminal, presumably to destroy the rest of the infected. Angela then proceeded to track down Curtis Miller, her brother, who was earlier seen inside the terminal when the infection began.


The basic equipment for the Special Response Team is normally a tactical vest with the initials S.R.T. (obviously for the identification that the member is a Special Response Team member), a Kevlar helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads, very similar to S.W.A.T. gear.

Greg carried a slightly modified M4A1 assault rifle equipped with a tactical light.

Angela was equipped with a custom MP5K-PDW with a raised top-rail. The custom front grip also contains a tactical light. She carries a custom Glock 17 as her sidearm.

They transport their gear and personnel in large armored trucks with S.R.T. emblazoned on the side. They use retrofitted Bell UH-1 Hueys for rapid infiltration and extraction.

Known members[]


  1. Excerpt from official Japanese website, "Story" section:
    " レオンは地元警察特殊部隊に属するアンジェラ・ミラーたちと共にゾンビ撃退をしながら残された利用客を救い出し、 テロリストが企てるバイオテロ鎮圧を行うのだが、 レオンとクレアは渡重なる窮地を経験していたことから黒幕の存在に気づき始めるのだった。"