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The "Special Tactics and Rescue Service"[1] was a law-enforcing task force based in New York. It had branches in Raccoon City, Pennsylvania; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Exeter, Maine.


A special unit within the police, S.T.A.R.S. was founded in New York in 1967 in order to combat a rise in cult-based terrorism. Under the original command of former military officials and agents of the CIA and FBI, its strength increased under the guidance of the National Security and Defense Agency's former director, Marco Palmieri.[2]

The Raccoon City, Pennsylvania branch was set up in 1972 after fund-raising by local businesses.[3] Albert Wesker, a S.T.A.R.S. officer attached to New York,[4] was transferred to Raccoon City at the start of 1998 to take over as its new Captain.[3] At some point prior to Wesker's leadership, Police Chief Brian Irons was the S.T.A.R.S. team Captain and branch leader.[5]


S.T.A.R.S. teams are designed to work as self-sustaining units working alongside their local police departments. They are split into two team groups - an Alpha and Bravo. The Alpha team consists of the 'better-half' of the local unit, and is considered to be the elite. The Bravo team consists of new recruits who, while perhaps lacking in field experience, are under the guidance of trained leaders. Due to the differences in Alpha and Bravo skills, there is much competition between the two teams over dominance.


Name Branch Role Status
Aiken, Richard Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Communications Expert Deceased
Andrews, John Exeter, Maine Branch
Burton, Barry Raccoon Branch - Alpha Alive
Chambers, Rebecca Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Medic Alive
Dewey, Edward Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Pilot Deceased
Driver, Karen Exeter, Maine Branch Deceased
Frost, Joseph Raccoon Branch - Alpha Deceased
Irons, Brian Raccoon Branch - former Deceased
Lopez, Steve Exeter, Maine Branch Deceased
Marini, Enrico Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Team Captain Deceased
Redfield, Chris Raccoon Branch - Alpha Alive
Shannon, Jay Oklahoma City Branch Deceased
Speyer, Forest Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Sharpshooter Deceased
Sullivan, Kenneth J. Raccoon Branch, Bravo team Scout/Pointman Deceased
Trapp, David Exeter, Maine Branch
Valentine, Jill Raccoon Branch - Alpha Alive
Vickers, Brad Raccoon Branch - Alpha Deceased
Wesker, Albert Raccoon Branch - Alpha Deceased

Further notes

In S.D. Perry's novelization of the first game, The Umbrella Conspiracy, Edward Dewey was omitted entirely, with the severed hand being explained (improbably) as belonging to Ken Sullivan.


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