Bravo Team helicopter flying over Arklay Mountains.

S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team was one half of the Raccoon City Police Department's Special Tactics And Rescue Service. Bravo team was sent to investigate the grisly murders in the Arklay Mountains in July 1998,[1] and it didn't take long for them to see action when their helicopter crash landed in the mountains.[2] All members, with the exception of Rebecca Chambers, were killed during the events of the "Mansion Incident".


After encountering engine trouble above the Arklay Mountains, RPD pilot Kevin Dooley attempted to make an emergency landing in the forest below.[2] As the team went out to search the immediate area, Kevin stayed behind in the helicopter.

The group would come across an overturned MP vehicle, its driver dead.[2] Near the body of him and his passenger, they found a transport file - they were transporting a mass murderer to a military base for his execution.[2] The body of the murderer not being among the bodies, Edward reached the conclusion that the prisoner, "Billy Coen" somehow killed them and crashed the vehicle.[2] After skimming the page, captain Marini ordered the team to search the woods for him.[2]

Splitting up, Rebecca found a train standing silently among the trees.[2] While inside, she discovered that the entire train's occupants - crew and passengers, alike - had mysteriously died. Upon investigating further, the bodies began to move, heading up to her to attack. Managing to escape them, she found Billy hiding nearby. Ready to make an arrest, she was unable to due to the nature of the situation, along with him being armed.

At this time, Edward was attacked and injured by the Cerberus pack[3] while Kevin was killed.[1] Jumping through the train window, Edward managed to warn her before dying, moments before the canines jumped in after him. The train was then activated by an Umbrella special forces team, cutting her off from her team.

Meanwhile, Bravo team had reached a large estate and split up again to check the area. They would lose track of Enrico, who had escaped the estate and reached a seemingly abandoned industrial site hiding a secret underground laboratory.

Little is known about what transpired in the early hours of July 24, 1998, other than that Rebecca finally reached the mansion after an exhausting night. At some point in the night, it appears that Forest Speyer was killed by crows. Rebecca was later discovered by Richard Aiken in the Residence, trying to sleep off the horror she faced the night before.

The two searched the grounds for the other Bravo team members, specifically Enrico - who had not returned to the mansion. Being separated from Rebecca, Richard would be attacked by a huge, poisonous snake while searching the Mansion's attic.

Just as Alpha team arrived - who had already lost Joseph Frost outside - they investigated the mansion to find it empty, until, that is, they discovered Kenneth on the floor struggling to breathe. His throat had been eaten through, and the culprit was right above him. Finding themselves in for more than they bargained for, Alpha team lost each other, only making the situation worse.

Rebecca would finally receive help in the shape of Chris. Unable to simply leave Richard on the floor in a paralyzed state, she could not collect the serum she found in a Chemicals room earlier. Chris would find it for her to give to Richard, but this would be too late.

Later that night, Forest's corpse would be reanimated by the t-Virus and attempt to kill his Alpha team comrades, before being killed himself.

Only one more Bravo was left besides Rebecca, Enrico. In the grounds, he had stumbled upon files that proved that the monsters roaming around originated from a virus created by Umbrella Chemical Incorporated, an international pharmaceutical corporation famous locally for developing their popular drugs from local herbs. Even moreso, he would find evidence that one of the members of S.T.A.R.S. was a double agent working for Umbrella, who was responsible for the engine fault on the helicopter, and was about to send Alpha team into certain death.

He, however, was not able to confirm who it was, having at least two lead suspects - Chris and Wesker. He would not be able to give away any information to anyone else but the moaning of "umbrella" after being assassinated.

Rebecca would play a relatively minor role through the rest of the investigation, but would survive long enough to be evacuated on Alpha's helicopter in the early morning.

Soon after this day, S.T.A.R.S. would be disbanded.

Team Members

Name Role Status
Aiken, Richard Back-up man;[4] Communications Expert [5] Deceased
Chambers, Rebecca Rear Security[4] Alive
Dewey, Edward Rear Security[5]


Marini, Enrico Team leader[5] Deceased
Sullivan, Kenneth J. Pointman[5] Deceased
Speyer, Forest Omni man[4] Deceased


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