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Specimen 86 was an Umbrella test subject, cloned from former Umbrella security operative Alice.


Specimen 86 was created as the eighty-sixth attempt by the corporation to create a clone of equal skill to Alice. Waking up in a bathroom in a house modeled on the Arklay mansion, Specimen 86 wandered through the mansion, being lured into a replica of the Hive complex's laser chamber. Retaining suppressed memories of her parent, she quickly understood the purpose of the room and escaped into a shaft. Crawling along, she found herself in a replica of the Raccoon City Hospital. Although keeping her eye out for booby traps, she eventually set one off and was fatally shot in the abdomen. Her body was subsequently dumped onto the surface in a pile of other clones who had failed the tests. A blood sample was taken from her corpse for T-virus vaccine testing, finding her DNA was different enough from Alice to prevent bonding with the virus.


Further notes

In earlier scripts for the film, Specimen 86 was supposed to be hit by another laser in the hospital test zone. Instead this was replaced with her being shot to appear less derivative.


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