Specimen Disposal Log (検体廃棄記録 Kentai haiki kiroku?) is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


The file can be found by either Barry or Natalia on the stairs which separated the mansion and the Underground Research Facility, slightly above from where player can find the Security Card Level 1.


The corpse of the researcher who was killed by the test subject was sent to the morgue in the back of the observation room. The body has been sterilized.

Personal artifacts such as keys have also been sterilized an are being kept in the morgue.

検験体に殺害された研究員の遺体を、 培養監察室の奥にある死体安置所へ移動し、 殺菌処理を施した。

鍵などの遺品についても、 念のため安置所において殺菌し、 保管する。



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