The Spencer Estate was the family home of Oswell E. Spencer, located somewhere in Europe. It served as his hideout during the global manhunt for him following the fall of Umbrella.



Spencer Estate

The entrance to the castle, used in the design of the Spencer Mansion.

The family residence of the Spencer Estate was built some time before the birth of its last master, Oswell E. Spencer. Even before the founding of Umbrella, the Spencer family was wealthy enough to employ a permanent number of servants.

After Oswell inherited the estate upon the death of his father, he began traveling around the world, with one of his trips being to Western Africa with Sir Edward Ashford and Dr. James Marcus, two childhood friends of Spencer.

Oswell would have architect George Trevor build a mansion in the Arklay Mountains with similarities to his family home. Although not living there for very long, it would be kept clean should he ever choose to visit it, which housed a secret underground laboratory in the courtyard.

After Umbrella fell from grace and Spencer was recognized as the menace responsible for the Raccoon City incident, the former corporation president went into hiding. He kept little to no contact with the outside world as a manhunt to find him ensued.

During his time in hiding, Spencer had become a weary old man, confined to a wheelchair and slowly approaching death's doorstep. It is likely that he kept in touch with Sergei Vladimir, his closest ally from Umbrella and successor as the company's leader. This was implied when Albert Wesker demanded to know of Spencer's whereabouts during his final battle with Sergei. However, Sergei denied telling him anything. After defeating Sergei, Wesker rose to power by using viral samples and data to accumulate much wealth, planning to resurrect the fallen Umbrella as his own empire. Spencer had become one of the most wanted worldwide fugitives, and Wesker took his place of domination in the pharmaceutical occupation.


Chris and Jill in the dining hall.

While wanting to change and lead the world with this achievement, through the years, Wesker was torn by a growing anxiety caused from Spencer. Wesker had never discovered Spencer's plans and intentions, and was therefore determined to track him down as he had once promised so that he could end the reign of the only other Umbrella leader.

Raid on the Spencer EstateEdit

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Eventually, after putting all of his accumulated resources to use, Wesker found the estate in Europe and went there on the first stormy night of autumn to pay Spencer a visit. In a metaphorical scenario, lightning, thunder and rain howled in the skies above the castle as the two central villains of the entire conflict came closer to their final confrontation. Wesker found Spencer in his primary chamber and expected him to be surprised by his arrival, but upon Wesker's entrance through the chamber doors, Spencer revealed he was waiting for him. A shocked Wesker realized that Spencer had been in control of the recent chaos the entire time, including Wesker's own actions.

Spencer then revealed how the recent events involving Wesker had been set; how Albert himself was made a reality through the Wesker children project; how the Progenitor virus and Umbrella's influence had aided in the growth and education of Albert and his fellow subjects; how the prototype virus William Birkin had provided Albert to fake his death and become superhuman the night of the Mansion Incident was part of Spencer's project; how Spencer had intended to use these children as his soldiers and enforcers in a new world of advanced humans; how all of the surviving Wesker children from the prototype virus injection were programmed to seek Spencer out; and how Albert was the last of these subjects. Spencer wanted to control the world of Wesker children with himself as a god. Wesker slowly circled Spencer as he spoke, a raging fury growing inside him as he awaited the proper moment to seize Spencer's control, while at the same time letting all this shocking information sink in.

As the calmness of the storm outside the castle diminished, Spencer accepted that he would soon die in his condition and found it ironic to be faced by mortality for one with the "right to be a god". Wesker then came face to face with his 'creator' one final time, and declared that right was now his, killing Spencer. His lifeless corpse toppled over and bled onto the floor of the chamber as Wesker looked over him, amused at his arrogance for thinking that he, a feeble old man, could comprehend the power to be a god. Wesker then stood at the stain glass window at the front of the chamber and starred out at the stormy ocean, pondering this new and surprising revelation. Thus, the villain decided that Spencer's vision of an advanced human race is needed to be brought to fruition in combination with Wesker's vision of remaking the world with a new Umbrella. As the storm outside raged on, a metaphorical point was made, the weather's increasing power signifying Wesker's dominance.

RE5 Spencer Estate

Wesker strangling Jill.

Meanwhile, the BSAA had been given a tip from a reliable source on Spencer's whereabouts. Operatives Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine went to the estate that same night in hopes of arresting the fugitive company founder and gaining the whereabouts of Wesker himself. After breaking into the front door thanks to Jill's lock-picking expertise, the two had to survive through a number of deadly traps reminiscent of the Arklay estate. They also found the corpses of several of Spencer's bodyguards and reported on the discovery to HQ. Chris and Jill admitted that the castle "brought them back" to the events in Raccoon City. They arrived at Spencer's main chamber moments after Wesker and Spencer's conversation ended, guns cocked, expecting to find Spencer. Instead they found his corpse beside his empty wheelchair, and Wesker standing at the window. He turned and smiled at his two old enemies, taking their arrival at that moment and time as a sign: "The weak would always resist the will of the chosen."

A battle immediately ensued within the estate's chamber, but Chris and Jill's gunfire and hand-to-hand skills were no match for the super fast and strong Wesker. After throwing Jill aside, Wesker slammed Chris down on a large dining table, viciously dragged him along, and held him up at the window. As the villain prepared to make the killing blow, Jill came to her partner's aid and tackled Wesker out the window. The two fell along the rocky cliffside and disappeared.


The BSAA spent months searching for Jill and Wesker's bodies, to no avail, and both were presumed dead. In reality, they had survived, and Wesker saved Jill to use her for his ultimate plan. It is unknown what became of the estate.


The American mansion in the Arklay Mountains bore many similar design elements to this castle, such as its main hall and dining hall. The Estate stood atop a cliffside ocean view with a steep mountain side of rapids. Although this building is much older than the Arklay one, both shared a similar medieval interior.

There were several sets of knight armor standing in its halls and stain glass windows all around. In Spencer's primary chamber, there was dim illumination by candle posts and a chandelier above the room. Oswell also had several book cases in this chamber, the books kept behind glass cases and accessible via some unknown location and a ladder attached to the case wall, making the room appear partially as a library. Spencer had one open book on a metal post standing at the main window during Wesker's visit. That window was shattered when Jill tackled Wesker and fell over the cliffside.

Further notesEdit

  • The original plot for Resident Evil 4, seen in Resident Evil 3.5, involved Leon S. Kennedy infiltrating a castle in Europe that was an Umbrella HQ in search of the Progenitor Virus. It is very possible that this scrapped idea was reused to be the Spencer Estate in Resident Evil 5 DLC Lost In Nightmares. What further supports this is the original story involved the Progenitor virus origin, which would also involve Spencer.
  • Also the Estate apparently served (in-game chronologically speaking) as a basis for the Spencer Mansion, which Spencer ordered George Trevor to create for Resident Evil 1, making the Spencer Family Estate present in RE5, the oldest and the first mansion in the series, as said by Patrick in one of his memoirs.
    • In other words, his family's European Estate served as the inspiration to create the Spencer Mansion in America; a model that was later copied by the Ashford Family in the Antarctic Facility present in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica X.
  • The Spencer Estate had a brief cameo in the ending of Resident Evil: Revelations, in the scene that stated Chris and Jill's fate, indirectly alluding to their mission to apprehend Oswell E. Spencer and their near-fatal encounter with Albert Wesker. It also appears in paintings inside the Queen Zenobia.