The Spencer estate (スペンサー邸 Supensā-tei?)[1] refers to the inhabited section of the wider complex.


This map can be divided arbitrarily into sections.

Main hall

This immense hall is decorated with an impressive set of stairs leading to the upper floor. Behind them, there is a locked gate that leads to the underground prison ruins. The hall also connects to other five different areas: outside the estate (inaccessible), the dining room (both floors), an electronically locked door (inaccessible), the hallway to the bedroom and the Centaur corridor (locked via Centaur Emblem).

Second floor corridor


A four-poster bed and a painting of the castle are the most interesting features of this room.

Dining hall

This area occupies both the ground and the upper floor (the upper floor is just a balcony from where you can see the dining table in the ground floor). In front of the table is a fireplace used later to burn a heat-sensitive paper. Behind the table, there is a small office above a three-step stairs. Instead of having a door separating the office from the rest of the dining room, it has two arches.

Piano room

Centaur Corridor

A picture from the Sonnentreppe Underground Garden from Chapter 5-1 appears in this corridor. The first section of the hallway have many windows from where bats will pop out, referencing the Cerberuses that break the windows of the L-shaped corridor from the mansion in the first game.


The Study contained several bookshelves, a spiked ceiling trap, and a computer with a three-part password.



The characters start the game in the main hall. Go downstairs and activate the lever on the wall in front of the blocked area. There is a score star stuck to a light on the ceiling. After using the lever, two gates upstairs will be unlocked. Return to the hall and go upstairs,following first the right. Before opening the door, destroy the score star in the biggest window (above the main door) and the one in the chandelier.


Follow the hallway and destroy the score star in the side-table. Enter the bedroom and read the file to find a password. On the other side, you will find a weapon or ammunition.

Dining Hall

Follow to the other side of the Main Hall 2F and assist Jill to jump over the hole. Go downstairs and wait for your partner to open the door. If you are playing with Jill, grab the weapon, shoot the score star and jump to the table. Destroy the other star inside the grandfather clock with a knife and open the door for Chris. After both characters are inside the room, read the file to get another password.

Still in the dining room, take the door on the other side. Enter the bathroom to get another score star and a red herb. Go up the stairs and pick up the green herb, the handgun ammo and the file. Make Jill play the piano. As Chris, shoot the red button after you see it and grab the Centaur Emblem. A Blob may spawn now.

Centaur Corridor

Use the Emblem on the iron door in the main hall. Make Jill unlock the first door but don't enter. Go to the next door, to the storeroom. Shoot the score star inside the cage and grab the items (proximity bombs, grenades, a weapon and the Heat-Sensitive Paper.

Dining Hall

Now you can use the fireplace to reveal the "Password 2". Return to the previously ignored door. In the office, go to the computer and use the passwords to open a secret passage in the wall just ahead. Before entering, shoot the score star above. After one of them is trapped there, this character will have to shoot the lock of the iron door through the grid. The other one will have to go back to the storeroom and open the now unlocked door and use the lever to deactivate the trap. Before returning, shoot the score star in the ceiling. Another monster will probably spawn in the storeroom. The character inside should collect the Square Crank and the items inside the vases.

Main Hall

Take the path behind the stairs and use the crank in the opening with one of the characters, freeing the passage to the other, you should do the same in the device just outside. Reunited again, follow to the end and open the door to get to the dungeon.





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