The Attic landing (屋根裏部屋前の踊り場 Yaneuraheya mae no odoriba?)[1] is an area on the Spencer Mansion's second floor, along with its east wing.


It is a small corridor leading into small dining room and the attic of the mansion. There is a bloodstain on the wall, below the entry to the attic. The corridor are dimly illuminated by the lamps placed on the wall.

In the remake, the door leading to the attic is encrusted in cobwebs, and the light down the hall flickers intermittently.



In either Chris or Jill's scenario, one zombie will be lurking around the corner from the player. To enter the attic, player must use the Shield key.

Director's Cut

There are two zombies available as enemies located near the entry toward the small dining room.


One zombie is found lurking around the corner from the entrance; if the player does not burn its corpse with the Fuel Canteen, it will turn into a Crimson Head. However, if it is not killed before the player enters the Small Dining Room, it will eventually follow the player through the door.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Attic (Without the key) It's locked. A carving of a helmet.
The door to the Attic (With the key) You have used the SHIELD KEY.
Resident Evil
The door to the attic (Without the Key) It's locked. An emblem of a shield is carved into the lock.
The door to the attic (With the Key) You've used the Mansion Key. There's no further use for this key. Will you discard it? Yes/No







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