The Birdcage corridor (鳥かごのある廊下 Torikago no aru rōka?) - or otherwise "corridor with a birdcage" [1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion, located on the first floor of the west wing. This room does not appear in the original game.


It is a L-shaped corridor leading into a small area with a birdcage that is placed on a table, several wooden chairs, and feathers scattered all over the room. There is also set of stairs that lead upstairs to the Mirror corridor.


When Chris or Jill initially enter this room, there will be a corpse on the floor. When they return to this room later though, the corpse will be gone and a group of crows will be in its place.

A Handgun Magazine can be found next to the bird cage on EASY and NORMAL modes. Two Green Herbs can also be found against the stairs, again on EASY and NORMAL.[1] There's a dead corpse opposite the birdcage which can be burned using the Fuel Canteen through cheats.


Location Localization Original script
The birdcage A large bird cage. There's a dead raven inside. 大きな鳥かごがある


The corpse opposite the birdcage There's a corpse, colapsed on the floor like it was an instant death. What the hell happened in this mansion? [He] collapsed dead. I wonder what happened in this house. (崩れるように死んでいる    この館で何があったのだろう?)





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