The dining hall (大食堂 Daishokudō?)[1] is a room that is located in the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. Chris or Jill and Barry first investigate the room when they hear a gunshot from the main hall. Upon inspecting the room, the player will notice a pool of blood by the fireplace. After encountering the first zombie, Chris and Jill can return to the dining room to collect a wooden Emblem above the fireplace. Once the player collects the Gold Emblem, they can place it in the spot above the fireplace and retrieve the Shield Key.


The dining hall also has an upper level, which can be accessed from the main hall of the mansion. On the top floor, the player will come across a zombie and hunters later on in the game. There is also a statue holding a Blue Jewel on the upper balcony of the dining room. The player can push the statue off a broken part of the balcony and retrieve the jewel from the lower floor.

In the remake version of Resident Evil, the player will come across their first typewriter in the dining hall.




In Chris's scenario, the emblem can be obtained immediately. It must be replaced with the one inside the piano room. By doing so, the clock will move aside, which will reveal a key that can be taken.

In Jill's scenario, the player can either obtain the emblem or enter the tea room corridor. After triggering the zombie in the tea room, Jill will encounter Barry still checking the pool of blood by the fireplace as the creature enters the dining hall behind her. Before the zombie can harm either one of them, Barry successfully kills it with three shots from his Colt Python. After this, the two must go back to the main Entrance hall and report to Wesker.


On the second floor, two zombies are encountered. A statue with a Blue Jewel can be pushed off the broken balcony (on arrange mode, the statue will have the star crest instead). After the statue has fallen and been destroyed, the jewel/crest can be obtained from its remains on the first floor. Upon revisiting the second floor of the dining hall after exploring the Dormitory, two Hunters will be present.


Barry Checking the blood (1)

Barry observing the blood.

Barry Checking the blood (2)

Jill behind Barry.

Jill and Barry inside the Dining hall (1)

A zombie appear.

Jill and Barry inside the Dining hall (2)

Barry aiming at the zombie.

Jill and Barry inside the Dining hall (3)

This is where the player starts the game. As Jill, moving halfway through the room towards the back will cause a scene to play. Jill walks up to Barry who has discovered blood on the floor (there are two variations to the scene based on which side the player approaches from).

From here, going into the Tea room, you will encounter a zombie. Turn around and go back into the dining room. The zombie will follow Jill and burst through the door. Barry will fire three shots from his Colt Python into the zombie, killing it. Jill then proceeds to say they should report back to Wesker.

At any point before encountering the zombie, checking Barry while he is still looking at the bloodstain will trigger a short scene where Jill says "Barry..." and he continues to look at the stain. Leaving the room to go into the Entrance hall will play a scene where Wesker instructs Jill to investigate the gunfire they heard and the player is forced back into this room. Attempting to leave a second time will trigger a scene where Barry calls out "Get cold feet already? That's not like you." and the player stays in the room.

Only after the extra Barry scene, if the player walks across the north end of the room a scene will play where the zombie opens the door and approaches Jill, then Barry shoots it down and Jill says they should report back to Wesker. If the player manages to find Kenneth Sullivan's corpse beforehand, Jill will also mention that she found Sullivan killed by it. In either case, after the zombie is killed by Barry the player can not go into the corridor. Upon trying to go to the Entrance Hall, a quick scene will play where the characters just miss the zombie getting up and shutting the door back to the corridor behind it.

After putting the emblem above the fireplace and the piano room according to the right pattern, the clock gear will open. The Shield key can be obtained from the clock after the completion of the puzzle:

  • The large Gear, twice to the left/right
  • Then, leave it alone.

The clock will move aside, thus revealing the key.


One zombie will be faced on the second floor of the dining hall. A dagger can be found on the right side of the wall on normal and easy. The door at the far end that leads to 2F west staircase will require the Sword Key to enter, where as the second door to the Mirror corridor is locked from the other side. On normal and hard, two hunters will appear on the second floor after exploring the Guardhouse Residence. 



Resident Evil (1996)
Location Localization Original script
Dining Table Dinner utensils. (食器が並べられている?)
Emblem location, above the fireplace (empty) It's a hollow cove that an emblem was in. (エンブレムのはまっていたくぼみがある?)
Emblem location, above the fireplace An emblem is in place. (エンブレムがはまっている?)
Jug There's nothing inside. (中には何も入っていない?)
Picture on the left side of the Dining hall A picture of beautiful scenery. (美しいけしきがえがかれている


Windows on the left side It's dark outside and I can't see very far. (外は暗くて見通しが悪い?)
Picture on the right side of the Dining Hall A picture of a woman. (女性が えがかれている


Grandfather Clock A dusty looking Grandfather Clock. (時計が時を刻んでいる?)
Grandfather Clock (moved) It is not running any more. (もう動かない?)
Barry (Jill Only) Barry is investigating. (バリーは調査している?)
Door to the Entrance hall (After checking Barry, as Jill) There may be more here worth investigating.
Resident Evil (2002)
Image Localization Original script
The door to the Entrance hall before investigating and after triggering the two scenes when trying to leave Better check this place out first... まずは探索をしなければ…
The jar near the window A large, filth-encrusted jar. うす汚れた大きな壷がある
Resident Evil HD examines - Dining hall 1F - table Japanese The only movement is the silent flicker of the candle's flame. 燭台の炎だけが


The painting A picture of two knights striking each other. The short sword has been thrust into the breast of one knight, while the long sword has pierced the head of the other.
The clock "When the two have run each other through, the path to your destiny will open."
Emblem location, above the fireplace (empty) There's an indentation where the emblem used to be.
Barry (Jill Only) Barry is examining the bloodstains.
Door to Tea room (after first zombie encounter) Better report back to Wesker...
The clock gear It looks like you can turn the gears inside the clock. Try it? Yes/No

(Yes) Turn which gear? Small Large Leave it
(Small) Turn in which direction? Right Left Leave it
(Large) Turn in which direction? Right Left Leave it


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Checking the glass window A stained-glass window. The pattern in the center resembles a woman. ステンドグラスがある
The door to the 2F west staircase
It's locked. An emblem of a sword in carved into the lock.
The door to the Mirror corridor
It's locked from the other side.







1996 backgrounds


2002 backgrounds



Further notes

  • There is a picture of Cesare Borgia next to the clock. In the original game, it is incorrectly referred to as a picture of a woman.



  1. Takeo (ed.), Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.62
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