The east staircase (東階段 higashi kaidan?) [1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


It consists of an upper and lower hallway. The hallway leads to many different areas of the mansion and is one of its primary hubs. The upper hallway leads to a U-shaped corridor. In Remake, various pictures are on the wall along the stairs. The window which had been closed in the original Resident Evil is halfway open in Remake.


In the original Resident Evil, the east staircase can be accessed through either the corridor to the back entrance or the small library. One zombie is near the door to the storeroom on the first floor, and another three prowl the upper hallway. Later, the zombies with be replaced with Hunters.

In the Resident Evil remake, one zombie is near the door to the storeroom on the first floor, and another two prowl the upper hallway. After the player collects the Armor Key, either Barry Burton or Albert Wesker (depending on whether the campaign is led by Jill or Chris, respectively) will leave a note that they left some ammo and healing items inside the storeroom. A new feature in the remake is that the doorknob that connects the East Staircase to the corridor to the back entrance will break after being used twice, thereafter only allowing access from the corridor to the staircase but not vice versa. The doorknob will be fixed by either Barry or Wesker upon returning to the mansion with the Helmet Key. In Real Survival mode, the doorknob no longer breaks;[2][3][4] this is acknowledged in the message that either Barry or Wesker leaves for Jill or Chris in the courtyard, respectively, where they now do not mention that they have fixed the doorknob.

In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, this room marks Chris and Jill's first encounter with a Crimson Head zombie, which rushes up the stairs after them.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
Viewing the picture I wish I had time to enjoy these pictures...
Door toward the Stuffed deer room (With the Mansion Key) You have used the ARMOR KEY.
Door toward the Library The door knob is broken.
Resident Evil (2002)
The painting against the door A picture of a woman praying in front of a large crowd.
The paintings against the stairs The wall is lined with portraits. All of the faces have been painted out.
The picture immediately at the top of the staircase A picture of a woman mourning in front of a large crowd.
The painting in the far east corner A picture of a woman being menaced.
The door to the Small Library There's no knob on this door. You can't go through.
The downstairs door The doorknob looks like it's ready to fall apart. Go through anyway? Yes/No
Note from Wesker "I left some bullets in the room on the right. I'll go ahead and look for a way out." -Wesker-



Director's Cut





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