The exhibition room is a room in the Spencer Mansion.[1][2]


The room has many pieces of art, primarily portraits and photographs. A large stone statue dominates the room, titled "Woman Drawing Water". It holds a map of the first floor. A smaller area just off the main art gallery houses various art supplies along with spare furniture, covered up. A closet off the art supplies area, behind the painting of the mansion, can be accessed by using a special key.


Resident Evil

In both scenarios, the player can push the steps near the woman statue located at the center to retrieved the map of the mansion first floor. There is one zombie that lays in the art supplies area. An ink ribbon can be obtain from the shelf located at the back.

To enter the L-shaped corridor, the player must use the Sword Key (Chris) / Lockpick (Jill) to unlock it.

Resident Evil (remake)

In the remake, the step has been removed, leaving only a small dresser. The dresser can be pushed to the woman statue for obtaining the first floor map of the mansion. Inside the art supplies room, a dagger can be found. Upon trying to leave, a zombie will appear and corner the character from the outside.


Resident Evil

Location Localization Original script
Picture right next to the L-shaped corridor A picture of a Chubby woman.
About to take the Mansion 1F map It's a map of 1ST FLOOR. Will you take it? Yes/No
You got the map of 1ST FLOOR.
Door toward the L-shaped corridor (Without the Mansion Key, as Chris) It's locked. A carving of a sword.
Door toward the L-shaped corridor (With the Mansion Key, as Chris) You have used the MANSION KEY.
Door toward the L-shaped corridor (As Jill) You have used the LOCKPICK.
Picture on the left side from the Entrance hall A picture of a beautiful scenery.
Picture on the left side near the Entrance hall door A beautiful oil painting.
Picture on the right side near the Entrance hall door Nothing unusual.
Picture at the center of the right side A picture of a beautiful woman. Nothing to bother about.
Picture near the L-Shaped corridor door A picture of steep scenery.

Resident Evil (remake)

Location Localization Original script
The statue in the middle of the room "Woman Drawing Water" 「水をくむ女」
The art on the south side of the room Portraits and photographs decorate the wall. It looks like they could come to life at any moment.
The art on the north side of the room A portrait hangs on the wall. It almost seems like it's watching you...
The photograph against the door to the corridor An old photograph sits in a frame. Maybe this person was connected to the mansion somehow... 古い写真が額に飾られている


The covered furniture There's nothing of use here.
Around the corner from the furniture Various art supplies.






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