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The Library is an area of the Spencer Mansion. It appears only in the 2002 Resident Evil remake, taking the place of the Large Library of the original.


It is a large, multi-level room in the Spencer Mansion. The Library was decorated with a wide array of books including a large collection of works dealing with the eternal questions of life and death on the upper floor. The library is only accessible via the upper floor, through the suit of armor trap room. The main entrance to the library is always inaccessible through either side.


You can get here by using Helmet Key on the right door. You'll meet here Yawn and after defeating him, you'll be able to pick up Last Book Vol. 2.


Resident Evil
Location Localisation Original script
Book shelf near the armor corridor of death's door "They're all about the eternal question of life and death."
Eagle book case "There's a book on display inside the glass case. You can't get at it right now."



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