For the original equivalent of this room, see Lesson space.

The mural corridor (壁画廊 kabe garō?)[1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


A circle frame picture of a mother and child can be seen on the wall from the Lounge. There's a large hall composed of decorated tiles with Umbrella logo. Couple of statues are present inside the corridor.


A statue can be seen immediately upon entry to this room. Whenever the player moves further into the large hall, the walls begin to close in, threatening to crush them. To avoid instant death, the statue must be moved straight forward toward the far end of the room. The statue will prevent the walls from closing completely, therefore allowing the character a narrow space through which to walk. Go to the other right side of the room where a switch is found. Pressing it will make the crushing walls begin to reset. This will buy the player time to push the statue to the left, onto the floor panel, before the walls can recenter it. When this is done, the wall at the far end of the hall will open.

This reveals a small corridor. A defense item can be found on the left and a hole in the floor, leading to George Trevor's tomb, on the right.


Location Localization Original script
Picture A picture of a mother and child. Upon closer examination, the left-hand side looks like someone's face.
The switch There's a switch here. Press it? Yes/No
The hole There's a hole at your feet. You can't see very far into it though. Go down? Yes/No




  • The painting "Sacrifice of Isaac" by Caravaggio can be seen on this room.[2]



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