The north-east corridor (北東廊下 hokutō rōka?),[1] otherwise known as the "1F north-east corridor" (1F北東廊下 1F hokutō rōka?),[2] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


It is the north-east corridor of the mansion that leads to the back corridor and several different rooms. The entire corridor is decorated with wallpaper and several large pictures are hung up around the corridor. The corridor is brightened up by wall sconces.

In the 2002 remake, the corridor was slightly changed: A few windows were added, which zombies eventually crash through. There is a cabinet near those windows, with a few plants on it.


In the original version of Resident Evil, the player can find one green herb on the left side, if the player enters from the L-shaped corridor.


To enter the outdoor area, the player must use the armor key.

Upon returning here from the Dormitory, the player will face one hunter.


To enter the outside area, you can use the lockpick (Jill) or a small key (Chris).

At some point, a few zombies will enter the corridor by smashing through the windows.

Later on, you will face a hunter.



Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
Door to the Outside Area (Without the key) It's locked. A carving of an armor.
Door to the Outside Area (With the key) You have used the ARMOR KEY.
Resident Evil
The painting near the Southeast corridor door A picture of the mansion against the setting sun.
The painting near the Corridor to the back entrance A picture of a knight mounted on a horse.
The door to the outside area It's locked. It's an old fashion lock that's rather simple in mechanism.
Door to the Outside Area (Jill) You used the Lock Pick.







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