The reading room is a small room on the Spencer Mansion's second floor.


The reading room is a small study on the mansion's east wing. While it has bookshelves like the larger library on the west wing, the reading room also serves as a place of relaxation for the Arklay Laboratory's employees, who could listen to music; read a newspaper or play chess in their off-hours.

The reading room saw noticeable updates for the 2002 remake to be more relaxed, with the original 1996 game instead only featuring furniture and books.


In either the original or remake version of Resident Evil, the botany book can be found inside this library. Though in the remake, a crumpled memo can also be found in addition.

In the remake, player find more items; dog whistle, lighter (Jill) and a Handgun Magazine.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
The small cabin Nothing uncommon.
Shelf It's well arranged.
The door to the East Staircase You unlocked it.
Resident Evil
Gramophone An old-fashioned gramophone. The record is "Jupiter".
The chessboard A chessboard carved from ivory. The game appears to have ended in a "checkmate".
The desk the Botany Book is found at An open journal. The pages are blank.
The bookshelves Books on various peoples of the earth.






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