The suspended ceiling room (吊り天井の部屋?)[1][2] is a small room on the east-wing of the mansion.


In the remake, the room is covered in wall and floor art. The middle of the floor presents the Spencer family crest, which is the source of the Umbrella Corporation logo.


Removing the Shotgun in the adjacent Parlor will activate a trap where the ceiling will slowly move down to crush anyone below. The doors may lock once the person enters the room, guaranteeing their death.

Escaping from the trap room is different for both characters. When playing as Jill Valentine, taking the Shotgun results in both doors locking, leaving Jill trapped and helpless until Barry Burton hears her cries for help and saves her. In the original game he does this by kicking the door down; in the remake he shoots the lock. Obtaining and using the Broken Shotgun correctly will avert the problem entirely.

Chris Redfield will instead have to leave the Shotgun where he found it until he can find a broken Shotgun to place on the rack to act as a substitute and prevent the trap from triggering. Only the door back to the Parlor will remain unlocked.





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