The U-shaped corridor (U字形廊下 U jikei rōka?)[1][2] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


A large frame has been smashed in the northeast corner, with the picture inside removed. Opposite the door to the pillar corridor, an expensive plate has been knocked off of a cabinet and smashed on the floor.


In both the original and the remake (on any difficulty higher than Easy), two zombies will appear in this corridor. Upon returning here from the Dormitory, a Hunter will be found instead.


To enter the pillar corridor and armor room, the player must use the Armor Key.


Player can find a wooden mount on one of the cabinets, near the east staircase door entry.

The zombie in the east staircase closest to this room can emerge from the door. Similarly, the zombie which manifests in the pillar room after Richard leaves can also follow the player into this corridor. 


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
The door to the Armor Room and Pillar Corridor (Without the Key) It's locked. A carving of a sword.
The door to the Armor Room and Pillar Corridor (With the Key) You have used the ARMOR KEY.
Resident Evil (2002)
The table the Wooden Mount is found from You can feel the heat from the light on your skin as you approach.
The frame in the top-right corner The glass has been broken, and the picture inside has been removed.
A cabinet near the Entrance hall door There's nothing here but a bunch of knick-knacks.
A cabinet near the Entrance hall door There doesn't seem to be anything useful here.


Director's Cut





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