The Underground Passage 2 (地下通路② Chika tsūro ②?)[1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion's basement.


It is the second underground passage of the mansion basement that are brighten by the lights placed on the wall. There is a T-shaped turning on the midway, one heading towards dead end and the other lead straight toward the kitchen entry.

In the 2002 remake, the passage floor is soaking wet. Most of the wiring cables are rearrange either through the ceiling or around the wall. There is a power switch for the elevator located at the back of the passage. Near the kitchen entry, a barrel and few debris are stashed on the ground.



Two zombies can be heard feasting upon a corpse upon entry to this passage. They will attack should player approach them closely. Two green herbs can be found near the corpse.


Red and blue herbs can be found around the corner upon entry to this passage from the Underground Passage 1. Two zombies will also be face here. The map for the Mansion B1 can be located on the wall. Before leaving the passage, player must switchover the power supply for the elevator.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
Door to the kitchen You unlocked it.
Resident Evil
The door to the Kitchen You unlocked it.
About to take the map There's a map of the MANSION B1. Take it? Yes/No

(Yes) You got the map of the MANSION B1.

Checking the shelf There are number of small objects on the shelf. Looking closer, you notice the seal of Raccoon City on a broken dish.
Power supply for the elevator (Off) It looks like the power supply for the elevator. The main fuse has blown out. Switchover? Yes/No

(Yes) The power supply appears to be functioning again.

Power supply for the elevator (On) The power supply is already back on line.







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