The 1F west staircase (1F西階段 1F nishi kaidan?)[1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion located in the west wing. This area is featured in Resident Evil.


It is the first floor west corridor. A large pillar is placed in the middle, several lamps are hung up on the wall to brighten the corridor up. There are few windows built in the wall.

In the 2002 remake, the corridor was added with a few paintings on the wall and a small cabin placed against the wall containing wooden boxes on it.



In the original Resident Evil, either Chris or Jill will encounter three zombies here. However, upon revisiting the Mansion later, three Hunter αs will present instead. As Chris, if Rebecca Chambers had not been attacked by the Hunter inside the Library room, the event will occur here instead. Either way, if Chris fail's to rescue Rebecca in time, she'll be consider as dead.

Director's Cut

In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, three Cerberuses will smash through the windows and enter the corridor.


In the remake, two zombies will be faced here. The door to the firearms room will be locked and requires a Old Key (Chris)/ Lockpick (Jill).


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Firearms room (Without the Armor Key) It's locked. A carving of armor.
The door to the Firearms room (With the Armor Key) You have used the ARMOR KEY.
Resident Evil (2002)
The corpse It looks like this one's been dead for several hours.
Painting on the wall A painting of the mansion, illuminated by a bolt of lightning.
Wooden boxes below the stairs There are wooden boxes here. They've covered in bloodstains.
Checking the Cabin There's nothing but cleaning products inside. It smells faintly unpleasant.
Door to the F-shaped corridor (Without the key) It's locked. An emblem of a Sword is carved into the lock.
Door to the F-shaped corridor (With the key) You have used the Sword Key.
Door to the Firearms room (Jill) You used the Lock Pick.







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