The West storeroom is an area of Spencer Mansion located on the 1F west wing. This area is featured in Resident Evil (1996) and the 2002 remake.


It is a small room that is brightened up by the light on the ceiling. The room has a shelf on the right side filled with serum bottles. There's also a small desk with a typewriter on it, right next to the bed.

In the 2002 Remake, another shelf was added with boxes and materials on it.



In Chris's scenario, the player will meet S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member Rebecca upon entering the room for the first time. The player can find the sword key on the bed. The key can be used to unlock the door with a carving of a sword. As the player is about to leave, they will have to decide whether or not to take Rebecca.

In Jill's scenario, (because Jill has the Lockpick) player will find an ink ribbon instead of the sword key on the bed.

When Chris/Jill found Richard Aiken wounded on the Pillar corridor, they must head back to this room to obtain the Serum.

After defeating the Yawn in the Attic:

  • As Chris - Player will play as Rebecca Chamber temporarily, to obtain the serum inside this room.
  • As Jill - She will be shown laying on the bed, after she fell unconscious on the Attic landing. (If bitten by the snake).


Jill typewriter

A typewriter.

In Chris/Jill's scenario, player must obtain the serum that can be found on the shelf to help treat Richard Aiken wounds in the Pillar corridor. If the player does not reach there in time with the serum, Richard will die.


Location Localization Original script
Resident Evil
Checking the shelf Vitamins and Serums.
About to leave the storeroom (With Rebecca) Will you take Rebecca with you? Yes/No
The typewriter It's an old typewriter. If I had any INK RIBBON, I could save my progress.
Resident Evil (2002)
Checking the shelf on the right There are several kinds of serum here. Many of them are of a sickly color.
Checking the bed A well-used bed.
Checking shelf on the left Many of them have changed colors.
The typewriter It's an old typewriter. If I had an Ink Ribbon, I could save my progress.







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