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This article is about the location in the remake timeline. For the original location, see Raccoon General Hospital.

Spencer Memorial Hospital, was a medical facility in the midwestern town of Raccoon City. The hospital was built by the Spencer Memorial Foundation, and during the events of the T-Virus outbreak it was overrun and later destroyed, along with the rest of the city.


In an unspecified year, Spencer Memorial Hospital was founded and designed by the Spencer Foundation, one of the Umbrella Corporation's core benefactors. Along with featuring facilities and state-of-the-art accommodations for the acceptance and treatment of incoming traffic of patients-in-need, the hospital boasts the United States' largest research wing in the country, to help clinically test and oversee the effectiveness of new drugs and medicine in the world of medical science and human physiology.

In September 1998, the t-Virus began making its way into Raccoon City through unknown channels. The hospital took in patients suffering from symptoms of t-Virus infection, with the increasing numbers eventually overwhelming the medical staff.

On 29 September, Carlos Oliveira brought the infected Jill Valentine to the Hospital, to cure her using a vaccine made by Dr. Nathaniel Bard.

The Hospital's basement is connected to Umbrella's secret Storage Facility. Sometime before the outbreak, Martin Sandwich disappeared while doing repair for the hospital facility due to his discovery of NEST 2 .