Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Spencer Rain

Spencer Rain was a cruise ship owned by a subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation, and one of several within its fleet. Alongside its public function of ferrying Umbrella executives and celebrity figures across the Atlantic Ocean, Spencer Rain was also involved for the shipment and auction of the latest in Bio Organic Weaponry. In September 2002, the ship was hijacked by a terrorist group led by Morpheus D. Duvall, who released the B.O.W. cargo from containment and put the ship on a course headed to an island used by Umbrella. The ship was boarded by Bruce McGivern and Fong Long, agents of US-STRATCOM and the Ministry of State Security, respectively to kill or detain Duvall. Not long after boarding, the ship crashed into the island and exploded.


Further notes

  • Designs for the Spencer Rain were partially inspired by liners run by NYK Cruises, which Production Studio 3 took photographs of. The company is given special thanks in the game credits.
  • In Namco ✕ Capcom, a copy of the Spencer Rain appears, replacing the original and covering what happened to it.


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