Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Spencer Rain incident (tentative) was a mass murder which was perpetrated on the Spencer Rain, a Paraguas Line Company cruise liner in September 2002. The perpetrator, Morpheus D. Duvall, released the ship's B.O.W. cargo from storage to commandeer the ship. After making his bioterrorist intentions clear to the United States and China, USSTRATCOM and the Chinese security ministry sent in agents to apprehend him.


In September 2002, terrorist leader Morpheus D. Duvall stole samples of the t-Virus and t+G Virus from Umbrella Europe's No. 6 Laboratory in Paris. Requiring transport to a missile silo in the mid-Atlantic, Morpheus boarded the Spencer Rain, a Paraguas cruise ship used for the covert shipment of B.O.W.s to the United States. In order to commandeer the ship as well as to silence potential spies and witnesses, the B.O.W. cargo consisting of Hunters were released from containment. Members of the crew began to suspect something wrong was happening, but they were too late.

With the Hunters and Zombies attacking the crew and passengers, few were left to put up a defense and consequently several passengers committed suicide by hanging in their rooms. The Captain also succumbed to infection after sending out a distress call. Duvall then took over the bridge and forced it into a collision course with an island formerly used by Umbrella, intent on destroying the infested ship while escaping to the nearby Silo.

Once everyone was eliminated, Duvall began making treats to the United States and China, demanding a payment of $5 billion under threat of firing missiles containing t-Virus payloads. Unwilling to give over to such a treat, both countries sent special agents out to apprehend Duvall. While the Chinese sent Fong Ling, and agent of their Security Ministry, the Americans sent Bruce McGivern, a member of a USSTRATCOM unit specially created for dealing with tackling Umbrella. Duvall quickly captured McGivern, but was heavily injured in an explosion set off by Fong Ling, allowing the agent to escape. Duvall survived his extensive injuries thanks to the experimental t+G Virus sample he stole, and transformed into a powerful humanoid and escaped the ship after failing to kill McGivern with his new powers. McGivern and Fong Ling were unable to divert the ship from its collision course and were ultimately forced to jump into the ocean as it exploded into the cliffs.


Morpheus D. Duvall was formerly a high-ranking employee of the Umbrella Corporation. Following the containment failure which necessitated in the destruction of Umbrella U.S.A.'s flagship Arklay Laboratory, Duvall was used as a scapegoat and dismissed. Consequently, he established a bioterrorist organization with ambitions of establishing a state in Africa. A missile silo was built in the mid-Atlantic, with the intention of holding the United States and China at ransom in order to acquire this money. Samples of the t-Virus and t+G Virus were stolen from Paris in order to provide a payload for the warheads.


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