"The murdered soul of its maker rests within the blade. Cutting enemies lets you absorb their health."
— Inventory description

The Spirit Blade is a weapon in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


It is obtained by completing all the Extreme Challenges in End of Zoe and is exclusive to that mode.

It is extremely similar to the Knife Ethan gets in the main game, and shares the same moveset, however it has a slightly longer range, and holding down the aim button to attack will let Joe swing the blade using both hands.

While not a very effective weapon, it lets the player replenish their health by directly attacking any enemy, which makes it a somewhat effective way to heal, but players are advised to go back to the Bare Fists when trying to deal damage, as the Spirit Blade will get stuck on enemies after each hit, and does not stun them.



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