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{{Infobox creature
{{Infobox creature
|jp name={{スプラッシャー}}
|jp name={{Nihongo||スプラッシャー}}
|via=Uroboros infection
|via=Uroboros infection

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Splasher is a variant of the Revenant, a creature created as a result of Uroboros Virus research on Sushestovanie Island.


Splashers have a longer arm and releases a substance capable of blinding players. From a first glance indicates that the victim was previously a female.


Splashers are behave identically to Revenants but with a few changes. Splashers have a long puss filled arm and can use an attack involving swinging it to releases a substance capable of blinding players. Damaging their arm will also cause the substance to splash out and hit players if they are close. One difference however is their other arm will never be a weapon arm, but they can still have the strong legs variation.

Physical attack usable?
Stealth attack usable? Yes
Follow-up attack usable? Yes
Reaction to Smoke bottles
Follows Decoy bottles?
Affected by Flashlight? N/A
Countdown bonus
Record Title Clear condition Reward
I Got This Defeat 50 enemies using the Magnum. Splasher Figurine


Encounter Location Description
Barry Episode Two
Barry Episode Three
Barry Episode Four
Extra Episode: Little Miss


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