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Splitting Up is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. It is played during "Chapter 3-2". All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]



Josh: "Are you OK?"
Chris: "Yeah, I think so."
Sheva: "It's OK."
Josh: "It looks like Irving is trying to blow up the place and make his escape."
"You must stop him before it's too late."
"I'll try to find us a way out of here."
Chris: "Alright, we'll go after Irving."
Josh: "Good!"
"OK, now there's a dock up ahead."
"That is probably where he is going to make his break."
Sheva: "Copy that."
"And Josh!"
"Be careful."
Chris: "Let's hurry."
Sheva: "OK."

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i am not okay- Piper



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