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Sploders were a variation of Afflicted encountered by Claire Redfield on Sein Island.



Sploders appear to be normal Afflicted that undergo a further mutation that triggers upon extreme of the host. After a few seconds, the infected's body becomes covered in pustules that consume the host's upper torso, shaping it into a new form. The new creature has a deformed head and its stomach has become bloated as a result of the acidic bile stored inside. Physical damage to the body causes this bile to expand until it violently explodes, destroying the host in the process. The bile can blind and injure anyone caught in the vicinity of the explosion.

Like all Afflicted, the Sploder develops a weakness to light. Prolonged exposure will cause the bile to erupt whilst still inside the host and instantly kill it. If eliminated in this method, the Sploder's corpse will not disintegrate.[1]


In the campaign, some Afflicted are scripted to become Sploder and others can happen randomly. In Raid Mode, some Sploder spawn as part of the stage or Afflicted are scripted to turn into them.

When an Afflicted becomes a Sploder, its body starts bubbling and growing pustules and it makes a distinct sound. Sploder have a relatively small amount of health. They can only walk towards the player and explode (killing itself) to harm the player. Upon death from taking damage, they will still explode. Visually, Sploder bloat up and expand as they take damage. Moira's Flashlight will cause damage to them quickly.

Physical attack usable? No
Stealth attack usable? No
Follow-up attack usable? No
Reaction to Smokescreen Bottles Stops moving
Follows Decoy Bottles? Yes
Affected by Flashlight? Causes damage
Countdown bonus 5 secs
Record Title Clear condition Reward
Don't Look at Sploders Defeat 20 Sploder. Sploder Figurine
Got the Bomb on Me Defeat at least two enemies with the explosion caused by a Sploder.
(Episodes One through Four)
2000 BP


Encounter Location Description
Claire Episode two
Claire Episode three
Extra Episode 1


  • Sploders will attempt to get close to the player before detonating so it is important to keep them at a distance.
  • Gunfire will cause them to self-destruct but Moira's flashlight can also quickly eliminate them without wasting ammo.
  • Although very dangerous at close range, Sploders can be useful in dispatching surrounding enemies if the player detonates them.
  • In Raid Mode, if an Afflicted should become a Sploder, the enemies dispatched counter will not go up until the enemy dies as a Sploder.



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