Stage 20: Mad Banquet is a level in the Raid Mode minigame in Resident Evil: Revelations.


Mad Banquet is based around the last stage in the main campaign within the Queen Dido, it is a battle arena where the player needs to defeat multiple rounds of enemies in order to finish the level.

On Abyss, getting a Trinity bonus rewards the player with either Bottomless Pouch 6, 7 or 8. In RESIDENT EVIL.NET, beating this stage 10 times on any difficulty rewards the user the "Ten-time Survivor 20" Web Badge.


Completion Rewards

Difficulty Recommended Level Enemies Low-level Bonus Genocide Bonus No Damage Bonus Trinity Bonus
Chasm 16 7 1851 BP 368 BP 3239 BP 5921 BP
Trench 31 9 5521 BP 976 BP 8589 BP 15700 BP
Abyss 47 23 11365 BP 2170 BP 15911 BP Bottomless Pouch 6 ~ 8




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