Stage 2: Beach is a level in the Raid Mode minigame in Resident Evil: Revelations.


This area is based around the campaign level in Episode 1: Into the Depths when Jill, Parker and O'Brian are at the Beach collecting enemy data for the Genesis. It is unlocked by completing Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro in most versions of the game.

On RESIDENT EVIL.NET, there is one Web Badge related to this stage:

  • Ten-time Survivor 2 - Raid: Cleared stage 2 ten times on any difficulty

In the HD ports of the game, getting a Trinity Bonus on the Abyss difficulty in this stage will give the player either Bottomless Pouch 1 or Burst 2.


Completion Rewards Edit

3DS Edit

Difficulty Enemy Level Enemies Perfect Shot Bonus Genocide Bonus No Damage Bonus Trinity Bonus
Chasm 2 14 549 BP 288 BP 538 BP 1375 BP
Trench 20 ? 2835 BP 1488 BP 2778 BP 7101 BP
Abyss 37 25 6218 BP 3264 BP 6093 BP 15575 BP

HD Edit




Enemies Low-level Bonus Genocide Bonus No Damage Bonus Trinity Bonus
Chasm 2 14 439 BP 259 BP 538 BP 1375 BP
Trench 17 19 2551 BP 1339 BP 2778 BP 7101 BP
Abyss 33 29 6218 BP 3525 BP 6093 BP Bottomless Pouch 1, Burst 2




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