Stage 4

"Stage 4" is one of the battlefields in Resident Evil 4 and it was only featured in the Mercenaries minigame. It is known in the BradyGames guidebook under the more imaginitive name, "Marina".[1][note 1]

ResidentEvil4 SS10

HUNK fighting in Stage 4.


Stage 4 is a largely wood-constructed series of platforms and buildings, set in the middle of the ocean. Time bonuses are scattered throughout the interior of buildings and on the platforms. Bonus point cases are located inside of the largest building and under the platforms. Primary weapon ammunition, such as rifle and magnum ammo, can be found on the dresser inside the largest building behind one of the player spawns. The western building has two red herbs, one on the roof and one under the stairs. The barrel underneath the tallest platform has a large cache of magnum or rifle ammo. A zip line runs between the roof of the largest, east building down to the smaller western building, a path which cannot be taken in reverse. Several long ladders, which cannot be exited by the Ganado, make good choke points for picking off ganados and building up combos. The center plaza has Ganado converging on you from four different spawn areas and makes a great spot for racking up huge combos. Enemies are arguably the most difficult of all the standard Ganados; hard-hitting Stun Rod and Flail enemies, shield-bearing enemies, and explosive-wielding enemies with dynamite and rocket launchers. Crossbow-wielding snipers are often spotted camping out behind barricades, below platforms and on top of buildings and other high vantage points. The sub-boss, Giant Chainsaw Man, is extremely dangerous. Wielding a double-bladed, overclocked chainsaw, and standing at least 10 feet tall, this mountainous man is a challenge to take down but yields 5000 points if slain. Despite his monstrous constitution, Giant Chainsaw Man has less health than his smaller, slower cousin, the Chainsaw Man. He'll flail wildly and unlike Chainsaw Man, any contact is an instant decapitation, no wind-up swing required, throwing out at least one attack per second. Two Giant Chainsaw Men will spawn per mission.


Stage 4 is a dynamic environment, filled with explosive barrels, multiple levels, and of course, swarming with Combatants. Certain characters are more suited to Stage 4 than others. Generally, the closer-ranged characters want to stick to the balconies and interiors, avoiding the rooftops and open plazas. Caution should be taken when entering the smaller structure from the south end, as a rocket launcher-wielding Ganado is poised to fire right behind the door. When surrounded on the eastern building's roof, escaping via the zip line will buy you 30 seconds or so. Players can ambush enemies in the western building via the hole in the roof. Also, players should be careful when entering the room below the roof with the zip line, as there is a Giant Chainsaw Man that starts his chainsaw the moment the player enters.

Individual Character Strategies

  • HUNK has only a short-medium range TMP, and has no way to deal with the sub-boss. The best way for HUNK to deal with Giant Chainsaw Man is to either barrage him with grenades or unload rounds into his head, and then run away to build distance between him and his enemy. HUNK should use his maneuverability to get around shield-wielding enemies instead of wasting his ammo breaking down their shields. Since he cannot build up the combos of the other mercs, HUNK should save his grenades and use the point-bonus cases to compensate for his low combos.
  • In Leon's case, he is significantly under-gunned compared to the other mercenaries, so he must develop choke points, get dozens of enemies tailing him, and then attack them with grenades and shotgun shells, using the Blacktail for individual enemies. Using the ladders and platforms to gather the enemies in single file is an effective tactic when combined with the Riot Gun.
  • Krauser should have no problem, as he has a flexible weapon, plenty of ammo available and his arm to eliminate Giant Chainsaw Man. Players shouldn't stress about running out of ammo. As Krauser only has one weapon, only one type of ammo can be dropped and players will rarely run low on arrows. Krauser's arm should, at first, be used exclusively for eliminating the Giant Chainsaw Men, but after the two sub-bosses have been killed, the arm should be used against tough barricades of shield enemies.
  • Ada Wong is fast and agile, and her weaponry is well suited for Stage 4 and would be a good candidate for unlocking Wesker by getting four stars. Her Punisher can punch through shields and fires quickly. The rifle is excellent for one-shot kills and long-distance sniping of crossbow Ganados and militia. The TMP is good for opening barrels and spraying enemies for a quick escape. Although physically weak, Ada is a well rounded mercenary.
  • Of all the mercenaries, Wesker is arguably the best suited for Stage 4. His handgun is good for setting up Thrust Punches and opening barrels, as well as early-round silent kills. After the first shots are fired, discard the silencer. The rifle, while lacking the upgraded scope, is powerful and fast, and will be Wesker's number one bet for scoring kills. The Killer7 can kill Giant Chainsaw Man in 2-3 shots and will destroy shields in one shot. However, the raw power of the magnum causes enemies to be blown back and kills tend to lag a little bit, and it's usually 1.2 seconds before a kill is registered, unless it's a headshot. To top it off, he has a full suite of grenades, good for clearing buildings, setting up Thrust Punches and wiping out large areas. His combination of long-range sniping ability, close-in power, and high-combo potential make him the best choice for 5-starring Stage 4.




  1. There does not seem to be any official source calling this map "Waterworld".
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