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Stairway of the Sun

Stairway of the Sun, also called Sonnentreppe in German, is a species of flowering plant native to West Africa, and belonging to the family Asteraceae, which includes such flowers as the Chrysanthemum or Sunflower.[1]


Though not certain, it is possible both the synonymous English and German names of the flower stem from Ndipaya culture through the writings of Henry Travis, who explored the region recording the biota. Their culture prized these flowers, with those growing atop the steps in the Garden of the Sun being central to their mythology.


Stairway of the Sun can be identified by their eight fused-petals, which are of irregular shapes. In colour, the head changes from an orange-red to yellow.

History and culture[]

The Stairway of the Sun became central to Ndipaya culture sometime in the Neolithic, and were the first to take note that flowers which grew in the caverns were toxic unlike those growing elsewhere. In their apotheosis tradition, a tribesman became a god-king after eating the flowers in the Garden of the Sun rather than die from its toxic effects, and any tribesmen who wished to become the next king would have to pass a series of trials including the flower-consumption to gain the title.

Research by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s indicates that Stairway of the Sun is one of many organisms in the world in which Progenitor, a retrovirus, exists within the genome. Normally inactive junk DNA, for unexplained reasons the environmental conditions of the cage triggered active production of the virus. With humans evolving with certain genetic defects, exposure to the virus is almost always fatal, with the survivors gaining superhuman abilities. Inspired by the Ndipaya, Umbrella CEO Dr. Oswell E. Spencer industrialised the culturing of Stairway of the Sun in laboratory conditions as part of a wider plan to become the next god king, presiding over a civilisation of superhumans. As consequence, all Progenitor-based viral bioweapons descend from the strain produced in the Garden of the Sun.